Import Sihlouette roto masks into several Nuke shapes

Today kids, I tell you how to split imported Sihlouette shapes into Nuke RotoPaint nodes. In SihlouetteFX select several nodes. Go File->Export->nuke 6.2+ Shapes and save Nuke project I tried to use also File->Export->Nuke Shapes but in Nuke 7.0 it wasn’t opened properly Open saved project in Nuke. There is a single RotoPaint node. It contains several layers with several shapes in each. I need separate layers into many nodes to use them separately....

December 10, 2013 · SergeM

Image resize in Nuke

So here we have two filters: Crop Reformat To cut a part from an image we use Crop. It also has option “reformat”. Reformat cuts also borders behind area. If “Reformat” is disabled, black borders remain after crop.

May 7, 2013 · SergeM