C++ and CMake

CMake in VSCode =============================== VSCode is a free open source IDE with a lot of nice features. In addition one can chose from a variety of extensions. Looks like Cmake-tools kind of works, but the hotkeys and some settings are far from intuitive. In my previous attempt I ended up removing ``cmake tools`` plugin and moving forward with custom task.json and launch.json scripts. Here is a template I made back then....

March 26, 2020 · SergeM

Speed up make/cmake build with multiprocessing

Build time can be reduced by using multiple cores of your processor. Parallelization for make: make -j8 Parallelization for cmake: cmake --build <bindir> -- -j 8 Sometimes you cannot pass parameters directly to make. For example you are installing a python module using python setup.py install Setup script doesn’t accept parameters. Then you could pass them through environment variables: export MAKEFLAGS="-j 8" see also intro to CMake video, russian.

July 29, 2017 · SergeM