I needed to launch multiview compression using codec from Intel MVC. Approximately a half a year ago I launched it normally. Yesterday it tried and I got such an error:

$ ./sample_encode.exe h264 -i input.yuv -o output.h264 -w 1920 -h 1080
Return on error: error code -3, .\src\pipeline_encode.cpp       865

Return on error: error code 1,  .\src\sample_encode.cpp 343
Frame number: 0

I started debug and found out the error appears in

MFXVideoSession::mfxStatus Init(mfxIMPL impl, mfxVersion *ver)
    return MFXInit(impl, ver, &m_session);

Error code

 MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED                 = -3,   /* undeveloped feature */

Of course, the cause was in missing dll.


After I added it to console’s directory everything became fine.

PS I could not build sample_encode with Visual Studio 2008. So use 2010 instead.