I had a problem while running debug+openmp configuration of my console. Meanwhile in Release+openmp configuration everything is ok. Diagnostic message I see is something about wrong parallel configurations, system log and sxstrace.exe. The solution is following. Folder

with files
Microsoft.VC90.DebugOpenMP.manifest vcomp90d.dll 
were missing. I knew this problem for the folder I specify in debug properties in visual studio: ![](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YWMVBmpI050/UZHxfnKVd5I/AAAAAAAAAYM/8syrhPsNbIc/s320/error_about_parallel_configurations_dialog1.png)In that folder I already had Microsoft.VC90.DebugOpenMP. But to avoid error I should place it in output directory (where my binary exe file is placed): ![](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rCC2c5cq7Lo/UZHyERiXNRI/AAAAAAAAAYU/wbQWL9p0MbE/s320/error_about_parallel_configurations_dialog2.png) Magick...