Here I will collect links to well-written articles about math and algorithms.

Visual Information Theory. Nice post about probabilities, entropy. The whole blog has awesome visualizations. Highly recommended.

MNIST For ML Beginners - Nice introduction into machine learning with TensorFlow

Brilliantly wrong - blog by Alex Rogozhnikov, with fantastic visualizations of many algorithms and concepts

Collection of data science notebooks.

Deconvolution and Checkerboard Artifacts by Odena, et al., 2016 - explanation of deconvolution operation in neural networks with awesome interactive visualizations

Up-sampling with Transposed Convolution one more article about deconvolutions with good examples

More about deconvolutions in Tensorflow on stack overflow

A guide to convolution arithmetic for deeplearning, Vincent Dumoulin, Francesco Visin, 2018 - Interactive math experiments

Transformer model

Jay Alammar. Visualizing machine learning one concept at a time - nice visualization and explanamtion of some ML concepts and architectures. For example: The Illustrated Transformer

The Annotated Transformer - description with code (notebook)

transformer model

transformer blocks

original paper

Object detection

Object detection: speed and accuracy comparison (Faster R-CNN, R-FCN, SSD, FPN, RetinaNet and YOLOv3)

mAP (mean Average Precision) for Object Detection

Object Detection. Распознавай и властвуй. Часть 2

About quaternions

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