UPD: It seems that the current solution (2019) is VSCode. It’s free and powerful. There is a plenty of plugins.


How to see content of std::string in the debugger

You have to enable pretty printing by default for gdb, Add the following to your launch.json:

"setupCommands": [ { "text": "-enable-pretty-printing" } ]

Using CMake in VSCode

See C++ and CMake


CLion is awesome but expensive.


Found Codelite on http://stackoverflow.com/a/1775460. Looks good. No disgust after 10 minutes of work.

I was able to debug C code of Numpy in Virtualenv.

  1. Launched from console after activating of virtual environment > source ./<path to activate>/activate

  2. add breakpoints

  3. Run (F5)

screenshot quick debug in codelite