Bjontegaard metric (BD-PSNR) describes the distance between two RD-curved. I is useful to determine how big is the gain between “before” and “after” versions. Or determine what curve is better if they have complex form (for example, intersecting).

I found matlab script, that calculates BD-PSNR, but it was not correct. The limits of integration were wrong. Difference between two curves can be calculated only in the area of thein projections intersection. Fixed script was verified by data provided the auther of the metric.


fixed matlab script for BD-PSNR calculation


original paper (doc)

data for verification (xls)

Original publilcation:

G. Bjontegaard, “Calculation of average PSNR differences between RD-curves (VCEG-M33),” in VCEG Meeting (ITU-T SG16 Q.6), Austin, Texas, USA, Apr. 2001